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This weekly podcast was born out of two things we enjoy – talking about influence & persuasion and drinking really good beer (sorry, we don’t consider Budweiser & Miller Lite good beer). We also enjoy a good whiskey on occasion.
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Jun 15, 2016

This week, I welcome Dr. Judy Morgan on the show to discuss how self publishing has positioned her as a sought after expert as a holistic veterinarian. 

She is an author, speaker, and holistic veterinarian, who has written and self published 3 books in the last two years.

Writing these books has given her national notoriety and led to dozens of paid speaking engagements at local, regional, and national events.

She is now a sought after blogger, speaker, and consultant on difficult cases.

In addition, veterinary practices have shown enormous growth due since writing these books.  

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Jun 11, 2016

This week I welcome Josh York on the show to talk marketing.

Josh is the founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, an in home training company committed to enhancing and changing the overall health and fitness of individuals worldwide.

He and his team recently created a parody video of Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" to promote their brand and it went completely viral in the first week.

It had over 800,000 views on Facebook, and was being shared by professional athletes and celebrities.

That one video led to a franchise deal in Houston and has helped to grow their brand world wide. Josh will be sharing all of the details on how they were able to put this video together in a short time and discuss their plans for an upcoming video using another song parody.

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Jun 2, 2016

This week, I welcome Gabe Priyev, founder and CEO of IncentFit a company that pays people to exercise. The funds come from employers or health insurance companies and they do all the administration of the benefits.

It's essentially gym reimbursements on steroids.

Gabe bootstrapped this new startup just 3 years ago, and it is now a profitable and growing business.

After studying Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at UC Berkeley, he went on to consult for several companies including Boston Scientific, Lennar Homes, iGo Cars, and United Airlines.

Wanting to further his people management and operations skills, he took a position at McMaster Carr as an internal consultant and team manager.

Gabe left there to pursue an MBA and masters of engineering from Kellogg but dropped out to pursue IncentFit, a startup that pays people to exercise.


Gabe is an avid runner, swing dancer, and world traveler.

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