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This weekly podcast was born out of two things we enjoy – talking about influence & persuasion and drinking really good beer (sorry, we don’t consider Budweiser & Miller Lite good beer). We also enjoy a good whiskey on occasion.
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May 23, 2016

This week we welcome Leo Welder on the show to talk marketing. Leo Welder is the founder of an Austin, TX based company called

Their company provides practical, step-by-step guidance to entrepreneurs trying to turn their great idea into a business. Leo regularly publishes articles on the startup process on the ChooseWhat blog (STARTicles) as well as the Huffington Post.

On this episode Leo will be sharing some importantly lessons regarding search engine marketing. Back in 2012, Leo's company suffered an enormous setback when Google first algorithm update, Penguin hit. They were forced to make some tough decisions. One of the biggest was having to let all of their full time employees go.

Through this setback, Leo learned some valuable lessons that have helped his company survive the changes and become better today.

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May 14, 2016

This week I welcome Kaleigh Wiese on the show to discuss marketing with SnapChat. Kaleigh is the founder and CEO of Garment Exchange, a fresh startup in the fashion industry.

They are the first community driven peer-to peer marketplace that allows women nationwide to rent their clothing.

Their target audience is 2-sided and ages span between 20-30 primarily. They launched in May of 2015, and have chosen to bootstrap completely. Approaching marketing was initially quite overwhelming with no budget.

However, they've gotten crafty and seen some great results using SnapChat.

For example they've used fun GeoFilters with a “sponsored by Garment-Exhange” graphic over locations where our potential users are located (localized fashion weeks, college sorority houses, women based events across the US, etc.)

We'll be discussing this strategy and more with Kaleigh this week as we talk about how SnapChat can benefit your business.

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May 13, 2016

This week, we welcome AJ Fountain, co-owner of a Dr. Squatch Soap Co. AJ will be sharing the success story of their startup company 4 years ago and how they've been able to grow it at least 200% every year without receiving a dollar of outside capital.

These guys have worked hard to create an amazing product and a scalable business from day one.

AJ will be discussing how they used guerrilla marketing and PR to bootstrap this business without investors.

You can find more weekly episodes like this by visiting http://www.LetsTalkMarketing.TV.