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This weekly podcast was born out of two things we enjoy – talking about influence & persuasion and drinking really good beer (sorry, we don’t consider Budweiser & Miller Lite good beer). We also enjoy a good whiskey on occasion.
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Apr 30, 2016

This week, I welcome Kelley Buttrick of Voiceovers on the show to share her story of using contact marketing to reach out and connect with Jeep.

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Apr 22, 2016

This week we talk about how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. Cheryl Spangler joins me to share her success story as Realtor.

Cheryl made a conscious decision a year ago that she was going to get 25% of her Real Estate business from LinkedIn.
She's been a member since 2007 but never was an active member. That changed this past year when she began submitting posts and connected with others through LinkedIn groups.

She now meets with people weekly from LinkedIn, and is getting about 12 % of her business from LinkedIn. She recently closed on a $40 million dollar contract as a result of LinkedIn.

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Apr 9, 2016

On this episode, I talk with Troy James author of "The Money Island".

When his book first came out, Troy asked his small publisher to only list his first name. This created a confusion, but it was marketing genius (one of the top agents called to say they admired his marketing).

Facebook refused to give Troy an official author page, rather unofficially linking him to the movie "Troy".

Finally giving in, Facebook gave Troy an official page.

He then issued a press release to announce that Facebook finally realized that Brad Pitt and Troy are not the same person. Brad Pitt was in a movie called "Troy" but he was Troy.

Yahoo picked it up and he was trending for a day creating book sales. 

He has now gotten the attention of Hollywood which was the plan all along.

Troy will be leaving next week for Belgrade, Serbia for an international book fair and will be booked.

Apr 9, 2016

This week, I chat with Christopher J. Lynch, a self published author of the successful series called "One Eyed Jack". With an eye toward not only selling more books, but also as a vehicle to catch the eye of Hollywood, Christopher created a very advance video trailer for his book.

Most book trailers are essentially a slide show set to music and maybe with some voice over thrown in. Christopher really wanted to plant a seed with his book trailer, and created one that looks like the opening scene in a movie or TV show.

The final video took two days to shoot, and cost Christopher about $2000, but it was money well invested. Not only has Christopher sold lots of books based upon people seeing the trailer, the debut novel in the series has been optioned by a Hollywood production company, and is currently in pre-production to be adapted to a feature length film.

Not bad for an indie author with his first novel!

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Apr 6, 2016

This week, I welcome Adam Silver on the show to discuss podcasting. Adam is a WordPress Web Developer & Podcaster based in Southern California.

He recently celebrated 100 episodes and 2 years of producing a weekly podcast about WordPress.

Building this show has helped Adam gain new clients and opened up other opportunities for him to speak at conferences as well as provide training.

On this episode, Adam and I will be discussing how to use podcasting as a way to grow your business while educating your target audience.

The key as Adam shares, is to offer serious value and be consistent with it.

Adam's podcast can be found at

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Apr 2, 2016

This week, Matthew Lesko joins me on the show to discuss his career in publishing, and how he used hustle and personal branding to build a multi-million dollar publishing empire.

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